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Safeguarding Young People in the Diocese of Broome

The Diocese of Broome is committed to the safety and well-being of children, youth and vulnerable people of its parishes and aims to raise awareness of our collective responsibility to safeguard and promote their welfare.

Whilst working towards providing all forms of safety for children, the Safeguarding Program is focused on the prevention of abuse and harm using a response framework considered to be best practice.


Guide to Safeguarding Information and Resources

The draft Safeguarding information and forms provided below are able to be accessed and utilised by Parish Priests, Parish Safeguarding Officers, parish workers, volunteers and all members of the parish and wider community as appropriate.

Whilst parish staff and community members are encouraged to be familiar with all Safeguarding information and forms, the following indicates the most relevant to each.

NOTE: Completion of forms is not necessary for concerns to be lodged. If a Safeguarding concern arises and forms cannot be readily accessed, directly contact your Parish Safeguarding Officer or the Diocesan Safeguarding Coordinator: 0408 018 682 / safeguarding@broomediocese.org

Priority Forms: All Parish Staff and Community Members

Form 3 – Child Concern Referral: Record of disclosure or immediate concern, details of alleged victim, perpetrator and circumstances. Civil authority and church notification details and actions taken.

Form 17 – Safeguarding Incident Report Form: Record of an incident or general concern. Church record only – no civil authority notification.

Safeguarding Administration: Parish Priests and Parish Safeguarding Officers

Form 1 – Parish Safeguarding Officer Role and Nomination Form: For the information and appointment of Parish Safeguarding Officers.

Form 2 – Declaration & Form 18 – Handbook Declaration: All Church workers (paid and unpaid) to complete.

Form 11 – Parish Self-Audit: Initial and scheduled auditing of parish Safeguarding implementation.

Safeguarding Flyer: For distribution among parish community to inform and promote Safeguarding.

Safeguarding Handbook: For distribution among parish community to inform and promote Safeguarding.

Policies and Procedures: All Parish Staff and Community Members

Form 4 – Safeguarding Children Policy & Procedures

Form 5 – Procedure for Responding to Concerns of Abuse

Form 6 – Code of Behaviour for All Workers

Form 7 – Developing Safe Practices

All remaining forms detail procedures for specific circumstances.

Form 8 – Including Disabled Children

Form 9 – Guidance on dealing with non-compliance with the Safeguarding Policy

Form 10 – Parental Consent Form

Form 12 – Code of Behaviour for Children taking part in Church Activities

Form 13 – Images of Children involved in Church Activities

Form 14 – Recruitment Procedures

Form 15 – Working with Children Compliance Guidelines

Form 15a – Cessation of Child-Related Work

Form 16 – Church Attendance Agreement

For any queries regarding the Diocese of Broome Safeguarding Program, please contact:

Aidan Mitchell
Diocesan Safeguarding Coordinator
T: 0408 018 682
E: safeguarding@broomediocese.org
A: 13 Barker St Broome / PO Box 76 Broome WA 6725